A people-based approach to product management

Product management is an important part of the human-centred design process, as promoted by the UK Government Digital Service, amongst others. It can be focussed on the external market or on the internal technology. However, there’s currently a shifting focus towards an empathetic, people-based approach.

We’re often told to consider the following when it comes to creating products:

  • experience
  • engagement
  • emotion

However, we also need to have empathy with the people who will buy, use, and experience your products or services.

This is crucial to creating products people love.

Watch Jon Kolko, author of “Well-Designed,” talk about how an end to end process that uses empathy to create products that seem as though they have a personality, or even a soul and which providing deep, meaningful engagement to people that use those products or services.

Watch Wufoo founder and Y Combinator partner Kevin Hale talk about building products users love, as part of Stanford’s How to Start a Startup course. Or read the transcript.


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